Get paid by brands that you already buy from in return for collaborating and creating authentic content.

Trust is a revolutionary way to be rewarded by businesses, including some of the world’s leading brands, for posting on your social media about the products and venues you already know,use and love.

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What is Trust Influencer?

Trust matches you with thousands of businesses allowing them to easily send you campaigns they would like you to take part in.

Step 1

Connect your Instagram to Trust Influencer

Step 2

Scan businesses QR codes on products that you buy, confirmation emails and social media pages

Step 3

Receive requests to take part in Business campaigns

Step 4

Post about products and Venues to get paid and receive points


What does Trust offer Influencers?

Aggregated point system to reward to most active influencers

Stand out from other influencers and receive points for being an active influencer.

Let businesses know that you like their products

Scan QR codes on products and in venues, inviting you to become an influencer, this lets the brand know that you like them.

Respond to business campaigns

Accept and reject offers from businesses to take part in their campaigns.

Payment and discount rewards

Get paid and receive discounts directly from businesses for purchasing and posting about their products.


More about Trust Influencer

How am I matched to advertisers?

When you scan a QR code or click a link of a business that uses Trust it automatically links you to that brand.

I’ve been matched to an advertiser - now what?

You will receive an email letting you know that you have been matched with an advertiser, confirming what they are offering, as well as the key dates by which the content needs to be created and instructions on what needs to be done to qualify for the reward and/or payment.

After you post the content the brand is then invited to review and approve the content.

How much will I get paid?

This changes from advertiser to advertiser and is dependent on a number of factors. In order to qualify for paid campaigns you need to have enough points and, depending on the social platform, need to have a qualifying account. e.g. a Creator account on Instagram.

How do I get paid?

In order to qualify for paid campaigns you need to have enough points and, depending on the social platform, need to have a qualifying account. e.g. a Creator account on Instagram. Once you’ve submitted your content according to the brief and campaign timelines, our systems will automatically notify the business/brand for approval.

What does this cost?

It costs nothing to join Trust and get matched to advertisers. Only once you have been matched and completed a paid for campaign for an advertiser and the campaign fee credited to your account, will Trust ask for a management fee of typically 20% of the campaign fee.

Think of Trust as your agent, actively looking for opportunities for you every day and only asking for a percentage once you’ve made money.

Why do you need access to my Instagram?

We do not need access to your Instagram, we only need to see your past posts so that we can match you to advertisers and check once you’ve completed a campaign.

Trust only gets information that you give us permission to view.

How do I convert my account to a creator account?

Go to Instagram here to find out how.

I'm getting an error when I link my Instagram, what do I do?

Some Instagram accounts are linked to a Facebook account with the off-Facebook activity option turned off. You can follow the steps hereto re-enable this setting. Once turned on, try linking your Instagram account again. If you are experiencing any other issues or have any other questions, please reach out to us on Instagram.

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